Stainless steel, shim brass:

Stainless steel steel is a material made of cold-rolled stainless steel 304/321 or brass or heat-resistant steel. Combining many different features has extremely high precision. Stainless steel bases are widely used in the Thermal Power, Mechanical, Cement industries...

Stainless steel shim precision has a commonly used thickness of 0.5mm to 0.01mm. Common widths are 1cm up to 600mm in rolls or sheets.

APMETAL Company is one of industrial supplier stainless steel precision shim, stainless steel bars and stainless steel coils, with clear certificates of origin and quality warranty. For all customer needs, please contact:

Apmetal Co.,ltd

Mail: Contact@apmetal.net

Hotline: 0941358139

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Stainless steel precision

  • Brands ASIA, EUROPE
  • Product Code: Shim inox 303/304/321
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