A5083 aluminum plate, A3003 aluminum checker plate: luminum alloy A5083: Aluminum alloy 5083 contains 5.2% magnesium, 0.1% manganese and 0.1% chromium. In the tempered condition, it is durable and retains good formability due to its excellent ductility. 5083 is highly resistant to corrosion and is used in marine applications. It has light density and excellent thermal conductivity common to all aluminum alloys.

Alloy A5083 is an Al + Mg aluminum alloy line. is one of the high quality aluminum product lines that we are providing. With the highest hardness in the non-heat treated aluminum segment. A5083 aluminum has good corrosion resistance, is easy to weld, and has good strength, so it is widely used in the aluminum shipbuilding industry.

Aluminum 5052-6061: High quality milled aluminum A5052. Customers can choose aluminum with a surface according to the manufacturer's usual standards or aluminum with two or four sides milled flat. The product surface is precisely machined. The advantage is reducing costs and surface finishing processing time.

A7075 aluminum sheet, A7075 aluminum tube, A7075 solid aluminum: A7075 aluminum sheet products are specialized in precision mechanical production, automobiles, motorbikes and pharmaceuticals, molds, aviation... The customers we want to target are demanding, demanding customers. Demand requires high quality, the product after surface processing has no pitting or air bubbles, and low thickness tolerance. All of our aluminum products, when supplied, are certified for quality according to EN.10204-3.1 (3.2) standards by a reputable testing organization in the world such as Germ. Lloyd, BV, DNV and other prestigious organizations in the world.

Aluminum sheet, aluminum coil A5754, aluminum sheet A6082: Aluminum A6082 T6 (Al Mg Si 1 F28) bar, angle, solid, shape. EN 573-3/755-1,2,9 standard, Lloyd, BV, DNV certificate.

Some common standards and hardnesses: EN-AW 5754 H22, EN-AW A7075, EN-AW-5083 (Al Mg 4.5Mn) H111, H116, or H321. EN 573-3 /485-1,2,3 standard.

Aluminum sheet thickness: from 3MM to 200MM

Width: 2020MM, 2400MM, 2500MM and 3000MM

Length: 4000MM, 6000MM, 7000MM

We offer Aluminum A5083-A6082-A5754 with supper size:

- EN-AW-5083 (Al Mg 4.5Mn) H111, H116, H321 Standard EN 573-3 /485-1,2,3, A6082 T6 (Al Mg Si 1 F28) EN 573-3/755-1,2,9

- Thickness: 3MM up 200MM 

- Width: 2000MM, 2400MM & 2500MM

- Length: 4100MM up 8000MM.

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Aluminum sheet & Plate A5083, A5754, A6082, A7075

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