Copper-nickel alloys are also used as hydraulic hoses, including brake hoses. Seawater and fire water cooling systems, heat exchangers, condensers and piping, foot covers and pedestals, boat hulls, oil coolers, hydraulic hoses, antibacterial touch surfaces . Forgings, seawater pump parts and valve parts.

Copper Nickel alloy products Cuni 90-10, Cuni 70-30 UNS C70600, copper plate C464-Naval copper, Bery copper, Copper-Aluminum-Nickel alloy are imported directly by APMETAL Co., Ltd. from the US, Russia, Poland, Taiwan, China, Japan, Korea, Germany...

In many special applications, we meet both standards in copper alloy products: Lead-free and Beryllium-free.

Standards: EN1652 DIN17670, JIS, GOST, UT-AP, I-6A, NACE MR0175, ASTM B505, AMS 4597, AMS 2154 class B, ASTM B608, BS 287, EEMUA, DIN 86018, Mil, SAE841.

Apmetal Co.,ltd distribute copper alloy such as Copper nikel, Phosphor Bronze, Cubery... by mill maker in Japan, Taiwan, China, Europe, Korea. 

Cuni90/10 (pipe & fittings)

Cuni70/30 (pipe & fittings)

Becu25, C17200

CuNi15Sn8, Cuni14A12, 

UNS C72900, C95400 ASTM B505, C1720

STANDARDS: EN1652; DIN17670; JIS; GOST; UT-API-6A; NACE MR0175; ASTM B505; AMS 4597; AMS 2154 class B...

Copper nikel pipe

Copper nikel pipe

APMETAL Co., Ltd. specializes in trading copper pipes and nickel copper pipe accessories UNS C70600,..

Copper rod & bar

Copper rod & bar

Apmetal Company Limited supplies round brass bars, aluminum bronze, tin bronze, Bery copper, Nickel ..

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